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Minebea Co Ltd. of Japan, who are our parent company, have organised their business to work in two separate fields: one of mechanical components and one of electrical / electronic components. The Rod End Fastener Business Unit is part of the mechanical components division of Minebea Co Ltd of Japan and forms one part of their worldwide Rod End Fastener Business Unit.

NMB Minebea UK Ltd., are part of the Rod End & Spherical, Fastener Business Unit.

Rod end and Spherical bearings and components are manufactured herein Lincoln, and further manufacturing facilities in Japan and USA, and a sizeable support factory in Thailand. We have the capability to provide an engineering solution to all of our customer requirements.

Each factory has its own key area of expertise. NMB Minebea UK Ltd’s core competence is in landing gear bearings, aerospace bearings of swaged and split construction, helicopter and tram coupling and special vehicle suspension bearings. Global sales teams manage the relationship between customers and the customer service activities of the manufacturing principle. Collectively, the Business Unit also provides aerospace fasteners, machined components, rolling element and standard bearings for our customers in Europe and overseas. 

Each factory or manufacturing principle, designs, tests and produces spherical bearings for Aerospace and other industries, whilst managing the engineering relationship between customer and factory on new product development. NMB Minebea is a leader in the market place for landing gear bearings, suspension bearings and tram coupling bearings worldwide.

We are supplying all new aircraft programmes including Airbus A380, A350 and Boeing 787.

NMB continue to produce components in Asia for final assembly in the UK and have the worldwide infrastructure to support continual growth over the next ten years.

We continue to develop our product range to provide, lighter weight solutions metallic and composite, advanced surface treatments to replace cad/chrome coatings, seal arrangements and longer life liner.

NMB Minebea will lead the market place through manufacturing and technological excellence and our simple mission is to become the world leader in the design, manufacture and testing of landing gear bearings and large-size bearings by 2017 – on all major new programmes for all global manufacturers.

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