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At NMB Minebea we like to ensure absolute equality amongst our staff, so we invite you to take a look at our gender pay gap data.

  • Men
  • Women

Top Salary Quartile

Our top salary quartile has 82.5% men and 17.5% women.

  • Male
  • Women

Upper Middle Salary

Our upper middle salary quartile has 75.9% men and 24.1% women.

  • Men
  • Women

Lower Middle Salary Quartile

Our lower middle salary quartile has 89.9% men and 10.1% women.

  • Men
  • Women

Lower Salary Quartile

Our lower salary quartile has 85.0% men and 15.0% women.

Additional Data

Women's Hourly Rate is 2.7% Lower (Mean)

Women's Bonus Pay is 11.4% Lower (Mean)

95.9% of Men Received Bonus Pay

Women's Hourly Rate is 11% Higher (Median)

Women's Bonus Pay is 0% Lower (Median)

98.1% of Women Received Bonus Pay